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Image Building

June 20th, 2009 manufactures high-end off-road vehicles for both the sand and desert industries including sand cars, dual-sports, desert cars and race cars. Started in early 2002, changed the off-road vehicle industry with an innovative approach. Prior to the advent of, a person would have to order and then wait four, six or even 10 months to take ownership over their new vehicle. Before the official launch, manufactured and stocked more then 20 buggies with the express purpose of being able to offer the dune buggy customer instant gratification. chose Vivid CGD to help them get the word out and create an image that projected quality, reliability and craftsmanship. Vivid CGD started by creating the company logo, and designing the look and feel of the new web site.

The Approach

Flame CarThe approached was simple, to show these $125+ thousand dolor vehicles for what they where, which was essential a big “toy”. With this approach in mind we created the first print ad which features there now famous “Flame Car”. We chose to photograph the vehicle in such a way that it appeared to be a toy car. We carried this them throughout the other marketing materials such as brochures, sell sheets and tradeshow booth graphics.


The Result

With the successful launch of the company and a dynamic ad campain, grew quickly. With the help of Vivid CGD, continued a successful advertising campaign, featuring new vehicles with every ad and began growing the web site.

Now one of the top websites in the industry, offers it’s users photo and video galleries, an online market place and a business directory, designed to connect other off-road parts manufactures with their customers, and an industry leading classified section where members can buy and sell off-road related vehicles.

Vivid CGD was an integral part of defining and then maintaining the overall company image from the website to the printed marketing materials and advertising.